The Urahara Shop

Yo~! The name's Kisuke. I'm the suave, handsome and above all modest owner of the Urahara shop in Karakura Town, so don't be afraid to pop by to pick something up~!

Job: Science and Technology teacher

House: 3C-A

Roommate: Orochimaru

Affiliated with personal application

Character Edits: Kisuke Urahara


Character EditsKisuke Urahara


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As he was just about finished with his mid morning classes, Kisuke breathed a sigh of relief. It’s funny.. He thought. I’d rather be fighting Hollows than teaching this many kids day in day out. For him, teaching was no easy task. 

Although he had the intelligence, Kisuke was famed for being lazy and often not taking anything seriously enough, these were both properties that would make someone a terrible teacher. He did try however, it was just a competition to whether he could stop himself getting bored before his students did. 

The lunch bell sounded, and Kisuke was one of the first out of the classroom, pushing past his pupils as he was just as keen to leave as they were. He bent backwards in the hallway, arms reaching toward the ceiling as he stretched the unused muscles in his back and groaned. His stomach groaned with him, and so he thought it would be best if he made his way toward the cafeteria to sate his huger. 

But as he walked through the large double doors and into the main hall, his eyes met those of another, and with the passing glance, a horrible feeling rose from his gut and lodged itself deep in Urahara’s throat. Try as he might to swallow it back down, it was stuck and only felt as if it were growing as he found himself unwillingly walking toward the figure. 

"A-Aizen Taichou.." 

The words escaped his mouth with the bitter sting of guilt, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the former Captain, after all, it was Kisuke who had first brought up the idea of merging Shinigami and Hollow powers. 

Thoughts swam through his head, pushing against his consciousness like salmon fighting against a current.  What changed this man from being a humble Vice-Captain of one of his close friends, into a power obsessed beast?

Swallowing his emotions, Kisuke walked closer to Aizen before donning a fake smile and asking:

"It seems nothing can keep you down for very long!"